Welcome to St. Franziskus-Hospital Münster

Founded in 1857 by sisters of the Franciscans of St. Mauritz, St. Franziskus-Hospital Münster has a long tradition in healthcare excellence. We are, today, also a place of teaching and learning, recognised by the University of Münster. A full range of clinical departments, some of them with international reputations, a high-end A&E department as well as critical care units add to our hospital’s attractiveness for patients and staff alike.

Among the Key Performance Figures are:

  • 2,300 staff (approx.)
  • 18 departments and two wards for non-resident doctors
  • 598 beds
  • 31,000 in-patients p.a.
  • 70,000 out-patients p.a.

The city of Münster (www.muenster.de) with its 310,000 inhabitants is famous for its medieval centre as well as for its over 500,000 bicycles and 65,000 students. A mixture of tradition, a broad range of cultural offers, the academic world as well as tourism along with an open and tolerant culture make Münster an attractive holiday destination and residential city. Located in the heart of the Münsterländer Parklandschaft and well connected to major railway-lines and motorways, Münster is less than an hour’s drive from the major cities in the Ruhr Area, the border to the Netherlands, and the hilly Sauerland, and has a direct link to Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO). For healthcare professionals arriving from abroad, we have a number of on-premises and off-premises apartments for rent, each of them fully equipped and with an own bathroom.

If you are a professional nurse with German B2-Certificate and hold a (partly) recognition as Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger or Pflegefachfrau/Pflegefachmann issued by authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia (Düsseldorf or Münster) we invite you to apply via the International Recruiting department of St. Francis-Foundation: https://www.st-franziskus-stiftung.de/karriere/international-recruiting-de.html